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SanDisk Ultra Plus UHS-I V10 A1 128GB microSDXC Memory Card Review

This SanDisk Ultra Plus microSD is an update to one of the best-selling memory cards, the SanDisk Ultra Plus. Ultra cards are good value, with quick read rates and moderate write rates. Although they are never among the fastest cards in our tests, they have consistent performance and are always priced competitive. The Ultra Plus delivers a read speed of 100MB/s and a writing speed of V10/U1 by promising at least 10MB/s continuous video recording. The A1 rating on the label shows that the card meets Class 1 performance standards for application performance. This means that the card performs at least 1 500 IOPS random reading and 500 IOPS scripting operations per second (IOPS). The card which meets the specification for A1 is good when storing small data files and running programs directly on the card. Mobile phones, tables, and portable devices use microSD cards for extended storage. MicroSD Ultra plus cards are available with a capacity of 16, 32, 64, 128GB, 256GB and 400GB. This review tests the 128GB version microSDXC SDSQUSC-128G-ANCMA with UPC 619659135416. The memory card and the microSD to SD adapter are both manufactured in China. SanDisk covers a limited lifetime guarantee for the Ultra Plus card,

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